The Haunting of Ravenswood Manor

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  • Location: Ravenswood Manor, 123 Elm Street, Willowville, New York

    Dates of Occurrence:

    • First reported paranormal activity: March 15, 1965
    • Intensive investigation: October 12, 1965, to December 5, 1965
    • Ongoing paranormal occurrences: 1965 – Present

    Key People Involved:

    1. Dr. Elizabeth Morgan – Paranormal Investigator: Dr. Morgan is a renowned paranormal researcher with over 20 years of experience in the field. She was the lead investigator during the intensive investigation of Ravenswood Manor.
    2. The O’Connell Family – Former Residents: The O’Connell family, consisting of James and Emily O’Connell and their two children, were the residents of Ravenswood Manor when the haunting began. They were the first to report the unusual occurrences in the house.
    3. Father Michael Anderson – Parish Priest: Father Anderson was contacted by the O’Connell family to perform a blessing and exorcism in an attempt to rid the house of the paranormal activity. He played a significant role in the early stages of the investigation.


    The haunting of Ravenswood Manor, located at 123 Elm Street, Willowville, New York, has been documented and investigated since its first reported paranormal activity on March 15, 1965. The location has since been a subject of interest for paranormal researchers, making it a notable case in the field of paranormal studies.

    The O’Connell family, who resided in Ravenswood Manor, first reported unusual occurrences, including mysterious footsteps, shadowy figures, and disembodied voices. These incidents intensified over time, leading the family to contact local authorities, including the parish priest, Father Michael Anderson. Father Anderson conducted a blessing and exorcism in an attempt to alleviate the haunting but was unable to completely resolve the issue.

    As the paranormal activity persisted and escalated, the case attracted the attention of Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, a seasoned paranormal investigator. She led an intensive investigation from October 12, 1965, to December 5, 1965, during which she and her team documented a wide range of paranormal phenomena, including:

    • Apparitions of both human and non-human entities
    • Poltergeist activity, such as objects moving on their own and unexplained noises
    • Electronic disturbances, including interference with recording equipment and lights flickering
    • Temperature fluctuations and cold spots in various areas of the house
    • Audible voices and whispers, often incoherent and unsettling

    Despite rigorous data collection and analysis, the origin and cause of the paranormal activity at Ravenswood Manor remained inconclusive. Dr. Morgan’s investigation led to the belief that the location was a focal point of spiritual energy, attracting entities from beyond.

    Since the intensive investigation in 1965, the haunting of Ravenswood Manor has continued to this day. The O’Connell family eventually moved out, selling the property to a developer. Various subsequent owners have reported similar experiences, indicating that the haunting persists, though with varying levels of intensity.

    In conclusion, Ravenswood Manor in Willowville, New York, remains a well-documented case of paranormal activity that has persisted for decades. Despite extensive investigation and involvement of key individuals, the source and nature of the haunting remain mysterious. The location continues to be a subject of interest for those in the field of paranormal research, and further studies and investigations are ongoing to uncover the truth behind the unexplained phenomena.

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